アニメック第23号(昭和57年4月)ザ・プロフェッショナル第四回 いがらしゆみこ インタビュー





「ばばこ」「トド子」等と名乗り、ネット上で民族差別・性差別・学歴差別に基づく浅薄な煽りを垂れ流している人物は、当サイトとは全く関係ありません。 当該のレイシストは当サイト内の文章をコピー・改変して利用し、又、勝手に私の名前を引き合いに出して当サイトと協力関係にあるかのごとくふるまっておりますが、当方は全く関知しておりません。


What is CANDY CANDY bootleg?

A bootleg is a product featuring licensed material without permission.
The copyright holders have not approved the product and do not receive royalties from the product.
The presence of bootleg products is quite common in China.

But Candy Candy bootleg products are different from those.

Manga Candy Candy's copyright holders are Ms. Mizuki Kyoko and Ms. Igarashi Yumiko. The visual appearance of the characters was done by the manga artist, but the background and history of each character was done by Ms. Mizuki.
And the trademark holder of Candy Candy is TOEI Animation.

But the greedy manga artist infringed on the original authors' copyright and TOEI Animation's trademark right. Some Candy Candy merchandise were consented and produced by the manga artist only. Many companies were deceived by her, and the contract which carries out illegal business was made.

IOW, one of the copyright holders constituted the copyright infringement.

Oct. 25. 2001, Ms. Mizuki Kyoko has won the Candy Candy copyright dispute extensively at the highest court judgment, the Supreme Court in Japan.
It means those Candy Candy merchandise were consented and produced by the manga artist only are all illegal ones.

Though the evil manga artist lost the suit, neither an apology nor expiation is done yet.
On the contrary, there is a suspicion that she still produces illegal merchandise on the foreign market.
Because of those illegal products, it is impossible to release whole series on videos and DVDs in the world, even in Japan.

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True fans never buy the bootlegs!!