Shudou Takeshi

  • TV : Series construction (#01-#157) and script
  • Movies : Scenario
  • Radio drama : Script
  • Novel : Writer

Notable Works

  • TV anime: "Sengokumajin GOSHOGUN ('81)"
    Original story and script (Director / Yuyama Kunihiko)
  • Magical Princess Minky MOMO ('82,'92)"
    Original story and script (Director / Yuyama Kunihiko)
  • "Idol Angel Youkoso YOUKO ('90)"
    Original story and script (Director / Amino Tetsuroh)
  • OVA: "A M"archen at a Street Corner ('84)"
    Original story and script (Director / Nishikubo Mizuho)
  • Musical stage play: "The Adventure of Pinocchio", "A, Tepras"
  • Novel: "Sengokumajin GOSHOGUN", "Eternal Filena"


  • D.o.B. August10. 1949 - October 29. 2010
  • Birthplace : Hakata
  • At 19 years old, his script was played on TV for the first time.
  • In '81, he won popularity by the battle robo anime, "Sengokumajin GOSHOGUN". Especially, the villain Bundle had many ardent female fans.
  • In '82, he wrote the story of one of the masterpieces of Japanese anime, "Magical Princess Minky MOMO". By "MOMO", anime fans set a high valuation on him.

His scripts have rhythmic lines, attractive villains and heroines.
His writing style is the 7-5 meter by the influence of the kabuki writer Kawatake Mokuami. (For example, Rocket-dan's koujou)

His Muse

Mostly characters written by me have models who are real persons.

Minky MOMO has a model too. She is my friend in my school days. Was she cute as much as MOMO? My answer is "Yes, in my subjective view".

Anyhow, heroines in my works vividly reflect my taste. I want to make my type my heroine's model.

In brief, she has self-reliance.

Even if everyone say her "Take things as they are", she will say, "I had better regret that I acted rather than regretting that I didn't act." If she fails, she cries all day long, and she will recover on the next day, then, she will try the next goal. She is a hard worker, but not a obstinate woman. She lives for herself, never sacrifice her way of life for someone.

Because she is mysterious and tough, the woman like her is kept away from nerds, but for me, she is the best woman.

Probably, Yuyama Kunihiko thinks in the same way as me, too. Maybe because he and I like the same type of woman, I get along well with him.(LOL)

Anyhow, all of my heroines are making same woman a model. A 15-year-old girl Isabel(Isabel of Paris), a 20-year-old woman Lemmy(GOSHOGUN) and a 12-year-old child MOMO(Minky MOMO).

It seems that I wrote a woman's life from 12 years old to 20 years old. Then, their voices were acted by Koyama Mami. And the character of Koyama often looks like the woman.

(From "Itsuka Kitto" Tokuma shoten Inc. 1983)

"Minky MOMO" was remade in '92. New MOMO's VA is Hayashibara Megumi. Megumi said, I'm often said "You look like Mami!".

IOW, Musashi is the legitimate successor of his heroine!

And Now

Shudou got liver disease in summer 2000. He is famous not only as an excellent writer but also as a hard drinker. ---They say when he conflicts with the sponsor, he drink more than before.
Then finally he resigned from his post of series construction, but he wrote a lot of good episodes for Jouto series.
(FYI, the main writer of Orange islands series and Jouto series was Sonoda Hideki. Shudou did not write a scenario for Orange islands series.)


October 28. 2010, Shudou Takeshi passed away from a subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Many thanks your brilliant works.

Sengokumajin GOSHOGUN

Magical Princess Minky MOMO

Idol Angel Youkoso YOUKO
©Big West

A M"archen at a Street Corner
©Kitty film

Sengokumajin GOSHOGUN
(Tokuma shoten Inc.)

Eternal Filena
(Tokuma shoten Inc.)

LIPs:The Agents
(BANDAI Music Entertainment)
Shudou's Dirtypair-like action comedy.
The female heroes Ai and Yu were played by KOYAMA Mami and HAYASHIBARA Megumi!